What is a Teen With Aspergers Syndrome Like

Author: Jon Hays Phd.  |  Category: Nobel Prize

Asperger syndrome affects people all their lives. However, as people get older their social abilities may improve.

So what are asperger adolescents physical symptoms ?

  •  Asperger syndrome adolescents find it hard to relate to other people.
  • They may talk a lot about their own interests, and have trouble with conversations, or allowing others to speak.
  • They may have trouble understanding other peoples feelings and lack the ability to “mind read” or read others They may be unaware when they hurt someone’s feelings, or when someone doesn’t want to listen to them.
  • They like repetition and everything to remain the same. They can get very upset when routines change.
  • The Asperger adolescents physical symptoms may vary from slightly unusual behavior to quite aggressive and anti-social behavior.
  • Many scientists, writers and artists are thought to have had Asperger syndrome, including many Nobel Prize winners.

When the time arrives for the asperger pre teen to change schools and go to secondary school. This can be a very worrying time, not only for the asperger child but also their primary carers or parents.

Secondary school can be stressful for the asperger adolescent, with changing timetables, moving classrooms for different lessons and different teachers. This may trigger anxiety attacks in the asperger adolescent. 

It may be an idea to introduce ‘aspergers and social training’… before the move to secondary school. Finding your asperger coping strategies will help to alleviate some of the anxiety triggers your adolescent may be feeling.

Aspergers and Social training…

One method for doing this, which can be implemented quickly and effortlessly is by using something called asperger social skills stories

What are asperger social skills stories? 

…Asperger social skills stories, are short pieces of text with visual images appropriate to the instruction or explanation the story portrays…

For example, a social kiss…an appropriately written asperger social story will explain, what a social kiss is, when it is appropriate, and why sometimes it is not appropriate to kiss our friends or others even if the desire to kiss is their, the story will explain the consequence and why sometimes it just is not appropriate to kiss people.

Asperger social stories when written well by an expert will give accurate information to help the asperger adolescent make sense of the world around them. And give them clear coping stratergies plus techniques to help them understand, and be accepted socially.

To download appropriate, expert written asperger social stories