How does Global Warming affect the population?

Author: Jon Hays Phd.  |  Category: Global Warming Myth

okay I’m doing a report on global warming and I need to know how it affects the population, community, ecosystem, biome, and biosphere. Now I do not want to hear "oh global warming is a myth or any of that mumbo jumbo" so if you are not going to take this seriously then please go to the next question.

Take it seriously? Are you kidding the people both for and against AGW have done a lot more research on the subject than you. I can guarantee that none of them would be going onto Yahoo answers to ask people to do the grunt work of their research for them. I certainly didn’t when I work on my PhD dissertation.

Why don’t you try something? Take your education seriously. Try doing the research yourself, otherwise how can you be anything more than the slave to public opinion and whatever the media feels is convenient to tell you. I have rarely seen the media report anything dealing with science correctly. News stations have always reported based on their opinion, not the cold hard facts. Most people don’t notice because they can’t do research.

You are suppose to learn this in school, yet instead of trying you go here and insult people who can do there own research.

And Gamer, tsunamis are caused by earthquakes. Rising sea levels may cause flood, but not tsunamis.