Why is there a fundamental misunderstanding of science with global warming?

Author: Jon Hays Phd.  |  Category: Science Global Warming

If the vast majority of scientists (people who understand science and get paid for being scientists) agree with an overwhelming consensus and overwhelming peer reviewed data that the earth is warming due to human activity, then how do people in the public and the media (people who never went to school to study science and people who get paid to have opinions which are not subject to peer review) deny something like this? And how does Sean Hannity have more fans than Niel Degrasse Tyson?

You don’t hear people denying other scientific things like physics, chemistry, ect. But in the public, most people have an opinion on global warming which is not backed by science.

I remember a yahoo poll which showed 50% of the public thought global warming was a hoax. Does this tell you something about education in this country? Should this foreshadow our downfall as a nation when the illiterate and ignorant 50% have a say in public opinion?

You see people on here like this sagebrush guy who makes these wild claims, AND he gets many thumbs up for it. It’s sickening that we are doing this to the planet and the best thing the deniers can come up with is "The scientists are getting paid to make false claims" with no evidence for that at all besides some emails that are questionable.

The deniers cannot use science because they do not have it on their side. They use FRINGE scientists who already agree with their already made up mind.

They use appeal to motive fallacies which any first year college student can tell you about.

They use ad hominem attacks against Al Gore simply because he is a democrat.

The madness needs to end. Why is there such a fundamental misunderstanding of science in the public?

Because people like you think that arguments based on begging the question (‘fundamental misunderstanding of science’), appeals to authority (‘scientists’), appeals to social proof (‘overwhelming majority’), and ad hominem (‘deniers’) constitute reasons to believe anything.

The ‘fundamental misunderstanding’ your refer to is a proper (and scientific) skepticism based on your side’s failure to abide by the scientific method, substituting instead the techniques of rhetoric and propaganda.

That’s why we don’t believe you.