Have we sceptics been right all along that global warming is a myth?

Author: Jon Hays Phd.  |  Category: Global Warming Myth

The scientists now claim that we are in a global cooling period and the ice cap has increased by 60%. The global warming myth was clearly a scam to increase fuel bills by building monstrous wind turbines which only line the pockets of the greedy farmers and developers with the subsidies we are all paying for.

Quite so. Anyone who trusts scientists who receive money from governments has got to be bonkers. It’s like this. If you were a scientist, you’ll only get your funding for investigating the number of frogs that can leap ten feet into the path of an oncoming vehicle, provided you ensure that it’s somehow linked to a study into Global Warming in that the frogs show all the signs of migrating to a cooler part of the garden because they don’t like the hot weather or some such.

Then there was that silly woman scientist of about 30 years of age tell me a 72 year old man that the reason why the Thames has not frozen over at London Bridge since c1814 is because of global warming. Not it is not. The river was much wider then and with a slower tidal race. The water was squeezed beneath the new London Bridge which was built shortly after the last freeze.

The new London Bridge 1831 nice wide arches allowing river traffic and water to flow in and out with much greater ease than the old bridge.


The old Medieval London bridge


Anyway the Frost Fairs here in London simply allowed the people to drink more gin than was usual.


What this silly woman failed to mention is that the River Thames has actually frozen over in living memory – but not in central London – instead, at Windsor. In these pics you can even see some mad bloke riding his bike on the ice – no ‘elf and safety rools in them days’.


This Global Warming thing is just one big scam to make us pay more taxes which the government then squanders on things no one actually wants. Why not recycle the tax money into more gin production – at least then the people will have a bit of happy time.

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