Greg Gutfeld Talks Global Warming Myths From The Left on The Five

Author: Jon Hays Phd.  /  Category: Global Warming Myth

global warming myth April 30, 2013

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24 Responses to “Greg Gutfeld Talks Global Warming Myths From The Left on The Five”

  1. floridagatr15 Says:

    It bothers me that …
    It bothers me that they are taking a singular theory and using it to ignore an entire field of science. 97% of 1372 scientists surveyed by the National Academy of Sciences agree that man made climate change is real. Man made climate change has been wrongly associated with the drastic end of the spectrum similarly to how people hate Islam because of the radical .1%

  2. VeryEvilPettingZoo Says:

    Re: “There is …
    Re: “There is nothing special or new about your garbage. It’s just more leftist elitist nonsense.”
    Thanks, because there it is in a nutshell: for conservatives, scientific reality = leftist elitist nonsense.
    Especially pathetic was that when one of the five broke ranks and injected a slightest sliver of truth into this ignorance-fest (Williams noting that the consensus among climatologists is overwhelming), the other four jumped all over him.

  3. VeryEvilPettingZoo Says:

    Re: “People like …
    Re: “People like you are filthy.”
    You find someone speaking the simple truth to be filthy? That doesn’t surprise me.
    That they’re misinformed and ideologically on-message are indisputable facts. As to my evaluation that they’re drooling idiots: don’t object to me calling them that, but rather object to them saying the things that drooling idiots say.

  4. doublestack199 Says:

    People like you are …
    People like you are filthy. There is nothing special or new about your garbage. It’s just more leftist elitist nonsense.

  5. VeryEvilPettingZoo Says:

    This is a clip of …
    This is a clip of misinformed, ideologically on-message, drooling idiots who are sitting around and chatting – and it’s being shown on Fox. Um, so what? Another YouTube super cute cat video would be more entertaining while having the same informational & intellectual merit.
    (Actually, I’m wrong about that. Because a cute cat video wouldn’t be an exercise in MISinformation, it would have even more merit. Zero is greater than a negative number.)

  6. Cavin21 Says:

    because i’m not a …
    because i’m not a grubber

  7. Thor Bonham Says:

    Most libtards do …
    Most libtards do hate the truth, why would you be any different ?

  8. Cavin21 Says:

    This is why I hate …
    This is why I hate Fox News.

  9. Eaman Saadatifard Says:

    “i know a lot …
    “i know a lot about hookers”. yes. . .yes you do.

  10. Elizabeth Endara Says:

    They say when a …
    They say when a mothers child dies the mother gets a feeling in her soul that tells her that her child is gone before she really mentally finds out. Coincidentally its the exact same feeling that a real comedian gets every time Greg Gutfeld cracks a joke.

  11. Chris Brown Says:

    You do realize that …
    You do realize that no one has actually said this shit, and that they pulled this straight out of their asses, right?

  12. James Mays Says:

    Globel Warming …
    Globel Warming keeps Al Gore,and Lawyers busy ,and makes them MONEY !!! 98.3% of All Species that every exsisted on earth are Extinct.There have been Many Ice Ages and there Will be Many More.This is only a way to get People to Donate Money to the Cause.It’s All About the MONEY.Nomater what Happens in this World.Someone Will open up a Web Site to Give Money for it.People are so Gullable,and to Kind Hearted,and they pray on Peoples Kindness.

  13. adrian flores Says:

    What does …
    What does prostitute have to do with global warming. This just made me laugh. Show scientific facts not stupid remarks

  14. blvp2145 Says:

    Yes they are very …
    Yes they are very proficient in lying and BS.

  15. wastelandsoldier1 Says:

    Yeah i was trying …
    Yeah i was trying to make a joke.Liberals are expert bullshitters.

  16. 007PowderBlack Says:

    Perhaps its not …
    Perhaps its not global warming but Obamanomics that will lead women to prostitution!

  17. Leon612 Says:

    I believe in …
    I believe in climate change. . . . It’s called the changing seasons!

  18. warrenwarmachine Says:

    go back and watch …
    go back and watch some more CNN & MSNBC

  19. warrenwarmachine Says:

    LMAO! that wasn’t …
    LMAO! that wasn’t Climate Change, that was the Muslim Brotherhood that ruined Egypt! hahaha

  20. painfulbliss77ify Says:

    Hookers don’t work …
    Hookers don’t work for their money, they lay on there lazy and let strange men spread their diseases around for money.

  21. Alieneagle52 Says:

    What a waste of a …
    What a waste of a YouTube video!!!! These guys are such assholes…Don’t they have something productive to do, besides talking bull crap? Amazing what people get paid for… At least hookers work for their money

  22. oppresstyranny Says:

    Climate change …
    Climate change destroyed Egypt, now how much carbon dioxide you think was being put out back then by humans lol. Sunspots are more dangerous than we are.

  23. blvp2145 Says:

    I live in Alaska, …
    I live in Alaska, its not warming up at all. 

  24. wastelandsoldier1 Says:

    eskimos fleeing …
    eskimos fleeing their villages.Thats pure bullshit.Liberals should go to alaska and see if its really warming.

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