Episode 5: Climate Skeptics’ Top 5 Myths

Author: Jon Hays Phd.  |  Category: Global Warming Myth

global warming myth SUPPORT GREENHOUSE GAS POLLUTION LIMITS ON NEW POWER PLANTS: http://links.dosomethingaboutclimate.com/NewPowerPlants

(link goes to NRDC’s petition; we are not affiliated with NRDC)

Climate change is real, and serious. It doesn’t care about your politics, religion, race, income or sexuality. Watch this funny, engaging video series to hear the latest climate news and find easy things you can do to help.

Actions this episode: Talk with one person about climate change, and support EPA’s proposed limits on greenhouse gas pollution on new power plants.
Find out more at http://www.dosomethingaboutclimate.com

Duration : 0:5:51

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