September 30, 2004

Administration's Use of Science Challenged

Washington Post 9/28/04 p. A15

"A group of high-profile scientists and engineers, including 10 Nobel laureates and a former National Science Foundation director, announced it had created a political committee to inform the public about what it calls weaknesses in the Bush administration's handling of science.

Scientists and Engineers for Change -- a 521 organization, named in reference to its tax code status -- is the latest group to make the case that on issues such as stem cell research, energy, public health and the environment, President Bush has ignored science that runs counter to the interests of his religious or business supporters.

"The current administration isn't paying attention to science. It's paying attention to ideology," said Vint Cerf, widely regarded as a chief architect of the Internet and a founding member of the group.

Cerf said in a telephone news conference that technology would be central to national security but that the administration is undercutting the nation's scientific edge. Cerf said he is a registered Republican."

Scientists in the group intend to speak in swing states to compare the science agendas of Bush and Democrat John F. Kerry. Details are at

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