Rhinoplasty in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

What is Rhinoplasty and How Can it Change Me?

Rhinoplasty is the general term used for surgeries that involve the alteration and improvement of the nose in both aesthetics and functionality. Cosmetic surgery of this kind is very common and most of the operations done today involving the nose is usually for the improvement of its appearance. There are also some procedures to surgically improve the function of the nose as well as to reconstruct the nose in part or in full. You will need a qualified and certified cosmetic surgeon to do the procedure. Being qualified means he has the correct and proper training and skills for this type of cosmetic surgery while being certified means he has passed the necessary exams and certification tests to perform the procedures. Another term for rhinoplasty philadelphia is a nose job.

What Can Rhinoplasty Change?

There are many different changes that can be achieved with this procedure. These changes include, but are not limited to:

– the overall size of the nose in proportion to face

– the width of the bridge

– the size and position of one or both nostrils

– correction of nose profile (removal of humps and depressions on nose)

– improvement of nose tip appearance (correction of bulbous, hooked, drooping or upturned nose tip)

– appearance of one or two nostrils (upturned, too large or too wide)

– overall symmetry of the nose

– deviated septum

The last one on the list of changes that can be achieved through a nose job is one of the most common corrective surgical procedures for the improvement of the nasal function. A deviated septum is a condition in which there is an obstruction in the nasal cavity causing different degrees of breathing impairment. For this condition, the nasal structure is adjusted and aligned for better breathing.


Recovery Period

Directly after surgery, a splint will be placed in the patient’s nose to support the changes made to it. Some packing will also be placed around the nose in order to protect it from possible jostling and too much movement. This may be the more difficult aspect of the procedure because there is some discomfort when it comes to breathing because of the splint and packing. Add that to the swelling that usually comes post surgery and you will be uncomfortable but only for a couple of days. When the swelling goes down, the patient will be well on her way to recovery. Overall, recovery will just be about three to four weeks and the patient can go about most of her daily activities and tasks. Overall recovery and the final achievement of the desired outcome will be most obvious in about a year after the surgery.

How to Find Your Surgeon

There are many plastic surgeons that can perform a nose job but the better ones are those who are experienced in surgery and have great bedside manner before, during and after the procedure. The internet is a great place to look for one but sometimes going for an actual consultation and coming face to face with the surgeon can give the patient a much needed initial impression. Check some hospitals which are well known for plastic surgery who their top surgeons are for rhinoplasty. You can also ask friends and acquaintances who have undergone a pennsylvania rhinoplasty procedure who their doctor was and if they would recommend him.